Nama Nama Bento Membership

Bento – box, made of plastic or wood, divided into compartments which contain small separate dishes comprising a Japanese meal

Enjoyable Returnable Re-usable Own your own

In a small effort to reduce packaging wastage from take-away food and improve the overall eating aesthetic and experience Nama Nama have designed and produced locally a custom made bamboo bento box. To participate and help reduce our environmental impact, just register as a member of our bento community and start enjoying eating your bento in the park, at your office or home. After lunch, we ask that bento boxes be returned within 24 hours (see return policy below) to allow us to properly clean and then re-use.

Come see us at the Nama Nama Shop or join here at and become a part of our bento community.

Member benefits

No unnecessary waste
Eat out of a beautiful handmade container
Save $1 per bento when compared to disposal boxes.

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Bento return policy –

Please return your bento box within 24 hours
If not returned within 24 hours, you will receive an electronic reminder
If the bento is not returned within 48 hours a $2 fine will apply and charged to your credit card and each 24 hour period thereafter will incur a further $2 fine up to the additional 5 days (maximum fine of $12)
50% of all fines will go to Treecreds – our friends who help save endangered forests through the sale of avoided deforestation carbon offsets.

If the bento box is not returned within 7 days the full price of the bento ($150) will be charged to the nominated credit card.

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